Sunday, May 9, 2010

Summercore: What, When, Who, How


"One week of Summercore in June or July 2010 may be one of the best
professional development opportunities this coming summer for independent
School Teachers & Administrators."

** What is Summercore **
Summercore is a unique 5 day Web 2.0 computer workshop that the two of us
have designed to energize teachers into becoming far more involved in
integrating technology into the classroom. It works for novices, skeptics,
beginners, experienced users, classroom teachers, computer teachers and
administrators. We started Summercore in 1985 and over 2,700 people to
date have attended along with 55 schools that have brought Summercore
on-site to their location.

** When is Summercore **
In Virginia Beach VA at Cape Henry School the week of June 14-18
in New York City at Horace Mann School the week of July 12-16
in Tampa, FL at St. Mary's Episcopal Day School the week of July 26-30

** Who is Summercore **
"As I've told my headmaster and all the teachers at my school, if you have
just enough money to spend it on one workshop or conference or something
for staff development, you should look into a workshop called SUMMERCORE
by Lynne Schalman and Steve Bergen of the Original Teaching Company. There
is a little bit of something for everyone. This week long workshop was
very well organized, very productive, appropriate for all needs,
backgrounds, technology levels and most importantly, informative and
highly fun! It's hard to know where to spend your money so this is just a
suggestion. I am writing this because I was recently asked by 3 different
people about workshops that I would recommend and this is the one -- hands
down -- that I think is well worth the money, time and energy!" Jill Koch,
Technology Coordinator

** How is Summercore **
"At my Summercore session we had individuals ranging from very reluctant,
very occasional users to someone who was the head of IT for a university.
At the end of the week each person said it was the best workshop they had
ever attended. Of even greater value is to see Steve and Lynne in action.
Yes the week is about technology integration, and you learn tons about
that, but you also get to see two master teachers at work and everyone
sees how to be an even more effective teacher." Bob Vitalo, head of
Berkeley Carroll School (Brooklyn NYC)

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