Tuesday, May 25, 2010

supplementing TERC Investigations (K-5 mathematics)

Hi -

This question is intended for elementary schools using TERC's
Investigations mathematics curriculum -

The Pike School uses TERC in grades K-5. We like the program's
constructivist approach but know that it lags behind in areas such as
teaching standard algorithms and math facts/fluency. We are therefore
looking into activities that supplement TERC in these areas.

If you are currently using TERC and you are supplementing in the areas of
standard algorithms or math facts/fluency...

* What supplementary materials are you using? Did you develop these
materials yourselves, or are they publicly available?

* How do you use the materials? (10 minutes/day? weekly? in some units

* If you are using software or online resources as part of your
supplementary materials, what sites are you using?

Thanks in advance,

. . .
Terry Dash
Director of Technology
Pike School
34 Sunset Rock Road
Andover, MA 01810

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