Thursday, May 13, 2010

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There is a "Director of Website Services" job description (and several othe=
rs), on the School Computing wiki at: or
shorter URL:

Regarding, I also agree that you have to be careful what "mess=
age" is sent to the students when using it, or a similar service. I was fas=
cinated when I ran my own work through it to see where hits came up. After =
re-writing my school's AUP (having started with a predecessor's document an=
d having looked at many other school's AUPs) it was instructive to me to se=
e where my language echoed other schools, some of it unknowingly. My point =
is that it can be a useful tool for self-monitoring one's efforts at intell=
ectual honesty. When you use it with students do they have the opportunity =
to use it this way to see the results?

Has anyone else read "Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard" by =
the Heath brothers? This was the book that attendees at the NAIS conference=
received instead of another free conference tote bag. I started a discussi=
on for it on the ning:
shorter URL: It has interesting implications for change =

Also on the ning this week, Bill Ivey's post on "Teacher Day" has some poin=
ters towards democratic-classroom readings.
Thanks for posting!

Ruth Glass's post about "Shuttering a School" asks if anyone has had experi=
ence with closing down a school?
or short URL:

Lastly, I'd put in a plug for Emily Jones article in Independent School abo=
ut schools which focus curriculum "Beyond Test Prep." She closes her articl=
e with an interesting comparison of independent schools to the plight of in=
dependent bookstores.
or short URL:


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