Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Re: converting word docs for use with a SMARTBoard

A forum for independent school educators <ISED-L@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU> writes:
>We can open the word doc and write on it and then take a screen capture of
>it.... but then when we scroll, the ink layer is lost. She would like to
>have one continuous document to work with and update the following day--
>and one document to PDF for student review in case of absence (or for
>additional studying).

Another responder suggested my solution, "Printing" to smart notebook capture. Note that this opens Notebook if it is not open, but if Notebook is already open, these printed pages are added to the most recently active Notebook window.

Also, when you write on the word document, the "ink aware" tools should pop up: click on the plus --> pen icon to save your writing as a drawn object in word, or on the plus --> "N" icon to play roulette with SMART software's conversion of your writing
to text. You have to click these buttons frequently - every time before you scroll, for instance - but the drawn objects become part of the word document just like any other drawn objects. In my experience, Notebook is the more high-functioning
approach, but this should work too.

-Philip Coburn
9th & 12th Grade Physics
Nichols School

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