Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Re: Parent Conference bookings online


We looked at pickAtime, Teeso, and Virtual Paragon and selected pickAtime.

Used it last November to schedule conferences for 1,200 students JK-12.
It worked very well for us. Parents and faculty told us it was very
convenient and easy to use. Prior to pickAtime, our conferences were
scheduled using mostly manual processes. The most important requirement
for our selection was ease of use, but another major selling point for us
was pickAtime's integration with our WhippleHill portal. We easily
uploaded all our course and roster info from WhippleHill to pickAtime.
The other very nice feature was single signon. Parents and faculty simply
clicked on the pickAtime link within their portal logon and instantly had
all their conference info in front of them.

Feel free to call me and I can give you more info if interested.

MICDS Director of Technology

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>Google docs is free easy intuitive and worked fine for us with 363 kids
>Toddler to 8th grade....
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>I know this topic has been discussed before. We're looking at
><> and
>Does anyone have feedback about either of these services? Any others that
>we should be considering? We're starting out with parent-teacher
>conference scheduling for approx. 290 students/200 families for our
>PreK-6 school.
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