Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looking for great/solid school antibullying policies

Today Kevin Cullin's column in the Boston Globe addressed a cyberbullying
problem in S. Hadley that led to a girl hanging herself. I specifically
value the remarks from Barbara Coloroso who said "What the community, and
even more so the students, needs is a STRONG antibullying policy that
EXPLICITLY explains what it is. And is has to include cyberbullying and
all forms of hazing" ...."Secondly, there's got to be a proceudre in place
to determine how they handle the bully, how they protect the target , and
what they are going to do with any bystander who may have contributed to
this mess and protect them if they are a witness."

Do you feel that your school has a strong/clear anti-bullying policy for
student handbooks and are willing to share it, would you please send me a

Doug Fodeman
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