Saturday, February 13, 2010

Re: A Better Name Than "Info Studies"

I got a lot of good ideas, and then I started thinking about what got me
into using computers 25 years ago. It was the fact that they had become
tools that could help me with two things I loved, which were writing and
music. So now I'm thinking about the title of *The Electronic (or Digital)
Toolbox and You*, with the following description.

*Description*: The visionaries of the 1960 had it all wrong when it came to
what computers would be doing. They saw them crunching numbers and
controlling things; no one saw them as being the intimate parts of our lives
that they are now. Definitely no one saw them being used as they are now in
ways that have as much to do with number crunching as a fish does with a
bicycle. What the computer has done is enabled us to take tasks that used to
need many different skills and types of equipment, and do them all halfway
decently on a rather inexpensive little box. This class is designed to take
you through some of those skills that you parents would never have dreamed

Any comments or opinions? I know they're out there.


Keith E Gatling
The fact that I'm open-minded doesn't mean that I have to agree with you.

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