Saturday, February 13, 2010

Re: A Better Name Than "Info Studies"

Maybe my experience will give you some ideas. I created a course in
2003 that I called Explorations, planned for three levels in the same
class, Explorations I, II, and III. First timers were in Explorations
I, which was more structured. For example, they each downloaded a book
of their choice from Project Gutenberg, formatted it properly (TOC,
Index, Figures, page numbers, etc) and illustrated it with embedded
photos. I gave them very little direct instruction, but did work with
them on how to find help. The final submission was the word processing
document. Later in the semester, they started their own projects.
Explorations II and III students worked on more complex projects that
they defined and they took on more responsibility for helping the ones
in Explorations I. I had students do videos, animations, build
computers, etc., and many of these were very personal, such as the one
done as a goodbye video for a friend who was leaving. I did some
grading of Explorations I students, but mostly I had students
periodically write a short reflection, then for the quarter grade they
had to do a longer reflection using a grading rubric as their guide.
In that reflection, they had to name their grade, then justify it by
citing examples in their projects and of their learning. Almost
without exception, that is what ended up on their report card as it
focused on how far they had come, not on where they ended up.
Derrel Fincher
Director of Information and Communication Technology
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On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 1:11 PM, Keith E Gatling <> wrote:
> Here at MPH we're revamping the traditional Info Studies course I've taug=
> for 18 years. This is the course that used to be required of everyone, an=
> went through Word Processing, Spreadsheets, the Internet, and various oth=
> things as they fell in or out of favor.
> Over the years more and more students have been able to test out of the
> course, as a result, it became seen as the "loser course."
> The fact that so many people were able to test out made us decide to reva=
> the course to teach more of the new trendy stuff like blogging, video
> making, etc. Our goal is to make this into a class that people WANT to ta=
> But at the moment the revamped course is still carrying the tainted name =
> Info Studies, and a number of us feel that for students to want to take t=
> class, it has to have a totally different name. I mean, really, would any=
> really buy a new car that was called the Edsel?
> Does anyone have any ideas on what a good name for the new course would b=
> Thanks!

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