Saturday, February 23, 2008

attendance policy & course credit

We are looking to tighten up our policies regarding school absences
(both excused and unexcused) and welcome any 'best practices' folks are
willing to offer. Among the considerations:
- is there a hard cap on the number of absences a student may incur over
the course of the semester/year in order to receive course credit?
- if a student surpasses that number and therefore forfeits credit, does
he/she have any options (e.g. summer school) other than repeating the
course and, likely, grade level the following year?
- is there a schoolwide procedure (e.g. acquiring class notes, formally
scheduling extra help / assessments) that students must follow in the
case of absence that serves to lessen the demands on teachers?
- are there any other strategies you use to 'encourage' regular
Please feel free to respond privately. Thanks.

Brian Lamont
Assistant Director - Upper School
Flint Hill School
3320 Jermantown Rd
Oakton, VA 22124

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