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Re: polyvision

Hi Ellen,

We installed the Hitachi projectors and experienced the same distorted imag=
es although they impacted things very minimally. The bigger issue was with=
distorting the image when 4:3 versus 16:9 video was played back. We could=
not get a good setting to run a VCR/DVD and computer VGA without messing =
up the DVD playback. We lived with it and then had issues with filters bei=
ng very temperamental and shutting down the projectors until they were clea=
ned. We had 13 installed and one day had five want to be cleaned. I did n=
ot like any of this and Hitachi was very responsive and is switching out al=
l their projectors at their cost with their latest projector. Brighter, lo=
nger lived, (now a short throw instead of an ultra short throw) and no mirr=
or that comes down mechanically. We are actually going to get a credit. T=
hey work great with the Eno boards we have here.

On the Eno responsiveness. I have noticed significant differences in the r=
esponsiveness of the pen and this seems to have been the driver. The lates=
t driver seems to fix any lag. Any lag I describe is ten times faster than=
the Hitachi Starboard.

I can dig up model numbers if interested. The attachment arm is very nice =
on the eyes as well.


Matt Pearson=20
Director of Technology, Security and Safety, MCDS=20

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Do you think the warped edges is related to the the fact that it is an
ultra-short throw rather than a regular short-throw? I'm concerned because
we were leaning toward the ultra-short throw. I'm now reconsidering this in
light of your comment.
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On Sat, Jun 5, 2010 at 5:12 AM, Jim Heynderickx <> wrote:

> In sum, the Hitachi has a frustrating tendency to warp the edges of the
> projected image, which is very noticable when showing videos. The
> Brightlink doesn't appear to have this issue, and it's pen also seems to
> have a faster response time than the Eno board. Also, the Eno board itse=
> was not cheap-- using a Brightlink and a regular whiteboard could be almo=
> half the price of an Eno board install for us.
> We wouldn't use a standard projector (long throw) with the Eno boards,
> because of the shadow problems.
> Jim Heynderickx
> Director of Technology
> American School in London

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