Saturday, June 19, 2010

Re: Rosetta Stone

A forum for independent school educators <ISED-L@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU> writes:
>Does anyone have some licenses for levels 1, 2 and / or 3 Latin American
>Spanish of Rosetta Stone on CD (network or individual workstation) they
>are no longer using and want to sale? (I checked with the Rosetta Stone
>Rep, and they said a school could sale their perpetual licenses if they
>were no longer using them.) It is fine if it isn't the newest version.
>And...if you do use Rosetta Stone, especially in middle school, can you
>let me know how well you feel it is working? How often are you using
>The cost seems incredibly high (Over $6,000 for 10 concurrent licenses
>for levels 1-2). My Spanish teacher really wants to try it next year to
>help differentiate in her classroom since she has levels from very
>beginner to bilingual in her class.
>Renee Ramig
>Seven Hills School
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Our school uses it as a supplement for Grades 6-8 French and Spanish. The
students are supposed to log into their accounts at least 30 minutes per
week, on their own time. The children learn from their teachers, but this
is a chance to reinforce and let them hear another speaker's accent.

Barbara Marshall - Computer Coordinator
Derby Academy
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