Monday, January 3, 2011

Re: iPad Insurance / Warranty


Why not take out Applecare for machine failure and self insure for
accidental damage? We have been self insuring our financial aid
laptops for years. Just set aside a percentage of what you would pay
to one of the companies mentioned below, and draw from that pot when
you have an accident.


On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 4:05 PM, Renee Ramig <> w=
> I was wondering what other schools are using / thinking about using for e=
xtended warranties on the iPad. =A0The Applecare warranty is $99, only cove=
rs two years, and only covers mechanical / electrical issues not spills and=
drops (which I anticipate would be much more likely).
> Have any of you used Square Trade (
)? =A0It is $180 for three years,=
but they offer 30% off in bulk so $126 for three years including accidenta=
l protection.
> How about the Worth Ave Group insurance? =A0(
/ipad) =A0They are about $131 for three years and cover accidents, disaster=
s, vandalism, as well as theft. =A0However, weirdly, it does not cover regu=
lar mechanical / electrical issues. =A0It also has a $50 deductible.
> We are strongly considering implementing these in our K, 4 (classroom use=
only) and 1-to-1 in our middle school (6th - 8th). =A0I am really hoping t=
hey will last three years, so I want to find some warranty to cover them fo=
r three years.
> Also, those of you using it one to one, how are you dealing with each stu=
dent having their own iTunes account? =A0Do they pay for their own software=
? =A0Are you using the licensing program and distributing codes? =A0I want =
teachers to be able to have the flexibility of having students install apps=
that they find throughout the year. =A0I want students to be able to sync =
at home, so they will need to have their own account with their own usernam=
e and password.
> Thanks,
> Renee Ramig
> Seven Hills School
> P.S. =A0I am working on a db of iPad apps. =A0I will share when completed=
. =A0I will also post the survey results soon from those of you that posted=
info on use of / planned use of iPads in your school.
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