Saturday, February 6, 2010

Reconceptualizing Schools - Phase 2 - Envisioning the Ideal

Thanks to everyone who contributed last week in response to the request for
*questions* about redesigning schools to take advantage of the opportunities
opened up by the digital information storms rocking our society.

You can see all the great questions here: as a list here:

Phase 2 of this brainstorming effort involves trying to tease out a new
vision for our schools. Please consider sharing your view of an ideal
educational environment/process. Don't worry about viability, just put up
what you would really like to see in an ideal world! Also please consider
sharing images of non-traditional classrooms!

You can add your thoughts here:

Thanks again to all those who have already contributed! Whether or not you
participated in the first round, it would be WONDERFUL to have your thoughts
for this round.

With hope,


Fred Bartels
Dir. of Info. Tech.
Rye Country Day School

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