Friday, February 5, 2010

Re: online typing (Typing Pal is the Tom Brady of onine programs)

>We decided not to upgrade Mavis Beacon and are now using Typing Pal. The
>only down side is that there no user management for students.
>Mirna Andrade-Salgado Bellaire, TX 77401

>We are looking for an online typing program for grades 2 - 8 that can
>rack students progress and log it via a userID (not an email address). We

>are working to set benchmarks per grade level and we would like students

>to be able to work at home for extra practice and have their lessons and

>assessments recorded so that the teacher can see it. Does anyone know of

>such a program? All of the ones we have found require an email address.
>Lorri Carroll

>Director of Technology

>Hamden Hall Country Day School

Morning everyone ... I used Typing Pal a good deal when at Chapin from
02-07 and now use it even more so in grades 1-8 at The Children's
Storefront in Harlem ... I am as much of a fan of Typing Pal as I am of
the Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots ... I love it and it gets more wonderful
features each year ... Mirna, there is INDEED a wonderful user management
for students ... I have put a screenshot at for all of you to see ... Lorri,
please notice that I put MY EMAIL into the profile form for each student
which addresses your concern since our students in grades 1-4 do not have
email ... even though 1/3 of our familes do not have Internet access, the
ones who do use it regularly and with ease from home ... every student in
grades 5-8 is required to do 5 apples per week ... we have benchmarks per
grade (for 5-9) at ...
enjoy the snow everyone ... Steve

p.s. to Lorri or anyone else on the ISED listserv ... if you contact me
off the listserv, I will create a Typing Pal account for you so you can
explore and/or send you screenshots of all the admin features

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